A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 1 She Has No illness


“Take off your clothes, lay on the bed, and spread your legs!” The doctor dressed in a white robe ordered.


Next to the blue examination bed was a beautiful and fragile girl who closed her eyes in humiliation. Her long eyelashes were like the thin and light wings of a butterfly which were beautiful as they remained still. Her crimson and beautiful lips were gently pursed with a touch of lonely sadness.


Bitterness filled her mind as the seventeen-year-old Sherry listened to the doctors orders in humiliation. She numbed herself, removed her clothes and laid on the examination bed while waiting for the doctors examination.


Sherry felt the sarcastic judgment of the middle-aged female doctor. She must have felt that she was a materialist girl. This was the first time Sherry exposed herself totally to another person.


The sunlight penetrated the room's sheer curtains and the glare was so bright that it was hard to keep one's eyes open. But her heart was in darkness because she had accepted a job that was despised by society - a pregnancy surrogate.


She was just seventeen years old.


After the doctor inspected her lower body, the doctor said coldly, “Okay, you may dress up!”


Sherry started to wear her clothes and let out a long sigh. She had crossed the first hurdle. Úpon passing this examination, she would be able to receive half of the payment. Her pale complexion with black hair draped behind her and an oversized T-shirt covering her thin shoulders enhanced her frail and helpless appearance.


a business suit saw Sherry being led out by the doctor. He glanced at Sherry


Mollison, rest assured that she's a virgin and do not


arranging for her to be the surrogate. As to who the other client was, Sherry totally had no idea whether he was tall or short, fat or thin. She only knew the person paid five million yuan for a pregnancy surrogate. Without question, that must be a mysterious


After Peter spoke to Dr. Lee, he brought Sherry into a car and they drove towards a


are pregnant, the employer will give you an amount of money. You Don't have to


make a call if l can't go


warmly. “Ms. Murray, this was not to restrict your freedom but since the employer paid you so much, you must behave


Sherry wrung her hands


the room upstairs and all the sundries that you need. ['ll come every day to deliver your food. Ms. Murray, the lawyer, had prepared all the documents. All you need to do now is


thereafter signed it for the sake of


heart started to race and became conflicted. She didn't know what her future will bring. Once she signed the documents, her future would practically be ruined but she had no choice! Her brother was waiting for the money for his life-saving operations. She fought back her tears and signed the documents and gave them




copy of the contract." Peter turned and left


for nightfall. She was about to sell


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