A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 52: Sleepless

"Can I see him, please? Even if it's just from afar, I just want to see him once!" She begged, all she wanted was to see her her child was, he wanted to see how he grew up, if he was adorable, if he was happy!


“Even if you don't want this money, I don't have the obligation to have you see him!" Mr. Fox said, smiling behind his mask, he was mad when he saw the savings account, so mad that his hand which was holding the cigarette was stiff.


Why did she not use it? This woman was so stupid!


"Sir, lam begging you to please understand me as a mother!" Sherry's eyes reddened.


"Yeah, if you wanna see him, that is doable, but..." He paused intentionally, his deep dark eyes were staring at her face.


"But what?" Sherry was grabbing tight onto her bag, she had no idea what requirement he will request.


“Are you nervous?" Mr. Fox snipped on his cigarette, his gaze was still fixed on her, "Are you willing to do anything I ask?”


She came to realize something.


"Forget about it, you should go, I can see that you are not willing, but I am still going to be a nice man and tell you, he is fine, he has people taking care of him, and he looks adorable, that's it, you can go now!” Mr. Fox was still staring at her when saying word by word, "You already know everything about him..”


His voice was very deep, but very clear, Sherry felt as if someone grabbed her heart, she was not satisfied with the outcome, no! She had to see her child.


"Sir, please, I am begging you, what do I have to do to see him?”


“Are you willing to do anything?" He asked again.


She bit her teeth, and nodded, "Yes, anything!”


"Stay with me tonight?" He asked, he voice was weirdly hoarse.


".... Whoosh,


Sherry felt as if a bomb exploded in her head, "Sir, can you think of something else instead of this?"


Five years ago she lost her virginity to save her brother, did she have to pay with her body again five years later to see her 

son? She hadn't even seen his face.


"Forget it, you can go, I will not force you!" He voice sounded relieved, as if he was betting on her not to agree, she understood that this man was having all control in his hands.


Sherry bit her lips, she was struggling hard inside, “Can I please see my child? Just briefly!”


"No!" Mr. Fox was looking at the woman sitting in front of him, she looked very pitiful in that moment, even he couldn't feel 

something upon seeing her.


Mr. Fox's gaze went blur, then he took a deep puff of his cigarette, as if he was trying to smoke away his emotions.


Sherry was trembling all over, after a while, she looked at him, "If I agree, will I really see him?"


"Yes!" His voice was deep and hoarse, “Don't you want to see him?”


"Will I see him after tonight?” Sherry needed to make sure.