A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 51: Mask

The thing was especially, that Sherry had found Daniel on the river bank, but she didn't say that, there was no need to tell other people about this private matter.


"I was just kidding!” Liam laughed, "Don't mind me!”


Sherry bit her lips and shook her head, "No!”


That moment, her phone rang.


She looked down onto the screen, and saw that it was William. She started to tremble, and declined the call.


“Why are you not picking up?" Liam asked.

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"Oh, no, it's a wrong number”




The phone rang again.


"I don't think that's a wrong number calling, is it?” Liam laughed and asked.


“Hmm!” Sherry looked down to check, it was still William, she knew that he would call again if she hung up, so she picked up, 




“Are you home yet?" William asked impatiently.


"Not yet!" She said, she felt as if he was watching her, what kind of relationship were they having! This was really detestable!


“Hurry up then!" He demanded from her.


"Alright!" She replied.


William hung up the phone, and Sherry laughed awkwardly, "Just my friend!”


"Oh okay, well your friend is really worried about you!" Liam laughed, but she could hear a hint of loneliness in his voice. 


"Sherry, what do you think about our president?"


Sherry's expression froze, "I don't really know him!”


At the MH residence.


William lit his cigarette, he was sitting in the dark with no lights on, and dialed a number.


The line was connected and from the other end he could hear a deep manly voice, "Mr. Rowland?”


"Peter, come to the office on Monday, I need..”


On Monday.


Sherry came to work.


"Sherry, you haven't been to work for quite a few days!" Alice said surprised when she saw Sherry, ‘Finally you are back!"


"Yeah, I took a few days off!" Sherry nodded.


Sherry and Alice were getting along pretty well, Alice was a straight up person, sometimes she would also like to gossip.