A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 50: Punishment

"Yeah, it is pretty expensive!" Liam said as he saw Sherry distressed, and the disdain in Lisa's eyes, he improvised quickly, and said, "Such girls like Sherry are getting rare, whoever marries her must be really fortunate.’


Lisa's expression changed, she could hear that Liam meant to criticize her lifestyle.


"Am I right, Mr. Rowland?" Liam said to William.


William's face was bathing in the noon sunshine which was bringing out his facial lines, he turned slightly to Liam, “What did 

you say, I didn't hear you?" Sherry looked down.


Liam took the menu and said to the waiter, "Two steaks, Sherry, how should it be done for you?"


Sherry raised her head and said, "I want it well done!"


"Won't that taste funny?" Liam asked.


"Still better than having a stomach bug!" Sherry said in a lowered voice, she didn't dare to eat meat that wasn't well done, she 

couldn't allow herself to get diarrhea, then she won't be able to go to work and would have to see a doctor. Liam couldn't hold back his laughter, "Alright, then two steaks, well done, and two mango salads please”


When Sherry raised her head again, she saw Lisa's face almost twisted, while William had a smile on his lips, she had no idea what she said to cause them to have such reactions.


The perfume smell on Lisa was too intense, Sherry took quite some time to get used to it, but even then, she had a bad scratching in her throat.


William still didn't look directly at her, his gaze passed by her, while she sat uncomfortably on her chair.


"I will go to the bathroom!" She got up, and left.


William got up as well, "I'm going for a smoke!"


Lisa was surprised, "Will."


But William had already left, following Sherry.


Lisa turned her head, confused, to look at Liam, but Liam only raised his brows, then he put on a big smile, "Miss Hartman, we 

haven't met in a while, you are prettier than ever!"


Sherry went to the bathroom, and closed the door, then she leaned on it, and suddenly felt weak, she didn't even understand 

what she was thinking.


He was really just playing her, she had refused him, and he went to look for another woman, no, he never even broke up with 

Lisa, and the mark on her neck must have been from William!


Whatever! What was she still thinking about? It was none of her business.


Sherry stood in front of the mirror, and patted her hot face, she pushed away those thoughts, and went out.


But there was a tall figure standing right in front of the bathroom, blocking her way, Sherry subconsciously went to the side.


The person wrapped an arm around her waist.