A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 49: Pick Her Up

Sherry didn't explain anything.


"Mommy, I am a man, of course I need to buy a house!”


"Son! No matter what, let me take care of the house, you are just a child, you haven't even grown up yet, can you please not 

worry about this?!”


Sherry saw that Daniel was not going to forget about this, the soft expression on her face turned, and she started to yell at him, these premature children are really hard to talk to.

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“What a good boy!” Liam was serious, he lost his playful self, "Daniel, come over, let's cheers over your big plans!”


Daniel actually really clinked his glass with him.


During the meeting, Liam took the contract out again to have Sherry sign it.


“Daniel, if anything changed, I will call you!"


After the meal, Liam insisted on driving Sherry and Daniel back home.


"Tomorrow morning I will come to pick you up to go to the hospital!" Liam didn't forget that it was time to take out the stitches.


“No need to trouble you, Mr. Brooks!"


"Mr. Brooks, why does my mom have to go to the hospital?” Daniel heard their conversation, and asked in his childish voice.


"What is wrong?"


"Nothing is wrong!" Sherry said nervously, "I will just go to visit a friend!”


"Oh!" He nodded his head, but his brows were tightly knit, as if he was doubting the truth in Sherry's words.


Liam looked at Daniel through the rear mirror, he was only a 5 year old child, how come he was so sharp to even worry about 

housings. Is their life so difficult? He thought about Sherry’s clothes, they were all rigid and stiff suits. She was in her best age, all the other girls were dressed bright and flashy, only she was always so simple.


“Pretty uncle!” Daniel remembered something else.


"Gosh, please don't call me that, call me uncle Liam!" Liam hated it when people called him pretty.


"But you are just as pretty as Mom!"


"And yet you don't call your mom pretty Mommy!"


"Alright, uncle Liam!" Daniel paused while thinking, then his little face was filled with a smile again, and said, “Uncle Liam, why 

did Mr. Big Dick not come by himself!"


“Daniel, don't call him that!” Sherry stopped him.


"Hahahaha..." Liam exploded in laughter.


Sherry blushed even more.


"Because he is busy!"


"Can I see him?"


"Of course you can, he is your mother's boss!”


"Then please thank Mr. Big Dick on my behalf!”


"Daniel, please don't give him such nicknames: Sherry knitted her brows, her head aching. She left her head hanging, 

suffering a set back, she was really afraid of her son seeing William, just remembering the fact that she sold him a whole box of condoms was embarrassing enough, it would be horribly awkward to see him in person.


"Alright!" Daniel nodded, but it has already become a habit, it will be hard to change it.