A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 41: He Has A Son

“Quickly get up!” Sherry straightened herself and yelled angrily. Her face blushed in embarrassment but what was the use of being embarrassed? She scolded herself. She glared angrily at William again but he seemed to be happy to be seen by others kissing her.


“I'll get the nurse to give you an injection!” William smiled while still holding onto her waist. The other hand started to tuck her hair behind her ear. “Let him see us and he will know that you are my woman!”


“When did I agree to it?” She was stunned. Her face blushed so red that it could not be any redder.


“You didn't object when I kissed you just now!” William said as a matter of fact, “I've left my mark and you can't deny it anymore!”


“And, you are not to be a shield for anyone! You are not made of steel!” The tone of his words stunned her. Did he really regard her as his woman?


Sherry looked at William's handsome face in bewilderment. His thin cheeks looked as if they were chiseled by an ax. His features were not as delicate as Liam but were deep and pronounced. He was extremely attractive and one can detect both intelligence and ferocity in his smile.


“But who wants to murder Mr. Brooks? Mr. Rowland, quickly have Mr. Brooks return to the country!” She was clearly worried about Liam.


“Sherry!” William frowned. He will punish her immediately if she cared so much about another man!


“What's the reason for this?” William's piercing gaze glanced towards Liam's handsome face.


“Last year I came over to conduct a retrenchment exercise. I laid off a worker who was late for work. She explained the reason but I didn't listen and fired her. Thereafter she spent a year without a job. She couldn't find a job in the same sector because she didn't show up to work on time and that affected her negatively. She became desperate because she wasn't able to find a job" Liam explained the reason for the attack last night.


“So has this been settled?" William frowned.


“No, it’s awaiting your input!" Liam felt very guilty. He wanted to hire the woman who hurt Sherry but he wasn't sure if William will agree to it.


“What's your suggestion?”


“Let's allow Annika to come back to work. I was indeed rather heartless and didn’t take into consideration that she was late because her child was sick!”


“So you can allow someone who had hurt Sherry to come back to the company to work?” William frowned even tighter.


“That's why I need your approval!”


“Will she learn from her mistakes and turn over a new leaf?”




“Then let her come back!” William nodded.


Sherry stood at the door and listened to their conversation. Now she understood that the person who injured her was due to work reasons. And they were so gracious! Sherry couldn't help but smile and felt that her injury was worth it. She didn't open the door and went back to lay on the bed.


Once Annika was reinstated to her work, she immediately went to the hospital to visit Sherry.


There were two rows of five bodyguards in the room. As soon as Annika entered, she immediately bowed to Sherry and apologized. But because of the language barrier, Sherry didn't understand what she said.


“Ms. Murray, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!” Annika kept bowing and apologizing.