A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 40: You Guys can Continue

"You foolish woman!" William let out a roar while heaving heavy breaths on the side of the bed. He howled at Liam coldly, "You better go find out who you have offended this time. I don't wish to see the same thing happening again!”


“I'll do that now!" Liam was really surprised. They were in the unfamiliar Korea. Who could he have offended?


“Alright” William nodded as he turned his gaze on to the scenery outside the window, "Send ten bodyguards here now!"


Liam finally understood how important Sherry was to William. He had only mobilized at most four bodyguards for himself, but this time, William had decided to mobilize ten bodyguards for Sherry's sake. This fact alone showed how much he cherished Sherry. However, why did he feel a little bitter in his heart?


As time slowly passed by, Sherry who was shrouded in darkness slowly came to herself as the effects of anesthetics finally faded. A burning sensation was engulfing her from her shoulders and slowly spread through her body.


As her mind finally became clear, she caught a glimpse of white walls surrounding her. Where was she now?


“Are you awake?" William had a complicated look on his usually cool face.

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"Is Mr. Brooks fine?" Sherry immediately recalled that someone was trying to kill Liam, and she was still worried about this.


"Damn it!” William roared once again. She only cared about Liam the moment she woke up and he was very irritated by that. 


Was Liam that important?


"Why are you roaring at me?" Sherry peeked at her arm and was immediately stung by the pain. Although the pain was  unbearable, she was still able to save Liam's life. This made her feel like it was worth it for her to go through such discomfort. 


What if that blade successfully pierced through Liam's heart? Wouldn't that mean his demise?


Despite raging with incredulity and astonishment, upon seeing Sherry's innocent look, he finally couldn't take it anymore. He looked at Sherry with a look of defeat before suddenly dashing out of the room. Shortly after, the doctor was finally here!


After examining Sherry's body, he declared, "You need to stay in the hospital for three days. After that, the bandages can be removed and you can be discharged!"


He still had that furious yet defeated expression on his face, but upon hearing the doctor's verdict, he finally felt a little better.


"Where is Mr. Brooks?" Sherry continued to ask.


"He is fine. He is not dead yet!" William answered dejectedly. “Why did you throw your body in front of that blade?”


Sherry could finally feel at ease after confirming Liam's safety. While looking at William's cold yet handsome face, her expression gradually softened as she thanked him earnestly, “Thank you, Mr. Rowland. As long as Mr. Brooks is fine!"


"I'm really annoyed right now!" William still had that aloof and cruel aura on his face. He was really on the verge of breaking down. This woman only knew to care about other man. She could even sacrifice her life for the sake of Liam!


"Hey! Is Sherry awake?" After completing his task at the police station, Liam started to shout anxiously even though he hadn't reached the door to their room yet.


William's sharp gaze swept over Liam who was jogging towards them with an exasperated expression on his face.