A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 38: Stunning

In the first class cabin of the plane.


Sherry looked very calm like nothing happened on the day before, and that actually surprised William.


Sherry fell asleep in her conservative suit.


She was all dull grey and looked so boring.


But it's good too... She's firm and it increased his expectations.


Sherry, letting you be his woman meant that you'd also need to bear the pressure that William's woman should bear.


He hoped that she'd be able to endure the test!


Because that's the only way she'd be able to endure the old man's test.


While thinking, William silently smiled until Liam bumped his arm.


William frowned.


Liam felt strange. They didn't even have any meeting the day before, and once he went to work that day William told him to go for the business trip.


Furthermore, the business trip was to the faraway Korea, "Will, are you sure this business trip is not just your improvisation?"


William turned his face around and looked at Liam's handsome face.


William kept staring at him until he unexpectedly almost felt guilty.


"Will, why are you looking at me like that? You'll make me feel like you fell in love with me!" Liam joked and winked.


He was still looking at William calmly.


"Which one of us is the CEO?" William coldly said that.


He glanced sideways at Liam. As expected, he's dying to stir up troubles, "She fell asleep, shut up!”


“will, you're so gentle!” Liam lowered his voice and peeked at Sherry, who was not far from him, "Sherry fell asleep! It's fine!”


"Shut up!"


“Will, those two words almost become your catchphrase. You're just afraid I might say something, right? Don't worry, I absolutely won't speak carelessly... I won't tell Sherry that you fancy her!” Liam smiled, there's a slightly strange look coming out from his beautiful eyes, "Sherry that fell asleep is the truest Sherry. Look, she’s so cute when sleeping!”


William's face looked cold. His cold gaze swept across Liam, “You're very vulgar!"


"You're such a bully too!" Liam talked back.


Sherry woke up because of their voices.


Once she opened her eyes and saw them looking at her, she was slightly surprised that she immediately sat up straight, “Mr. Rowland, Mr. Brooks!"


"Sherry! Did we really wake you up?" Liam smiled without any guilt, “Don't sleep, you can sleep at the hotel later. It's too uncomfortable here, if you're really sleepy...Come, sleep in my arms!"


Sherry suddenly blushed. She didn't even have the guts to raise her head.


She just responded vaguely, "M-Mr. Brooks, your jokes aren't funny at all.”


"Haha, you're really cute.” Liam laughed out loud because she looked so serious.


William remained silent but his gaze tightened, “Shut up, the plane is full of your laugh, aren't you disgusted?"


Seoul, Korea.


"Mr. Rowland, the data is ready”


On that business trip, William planned to cooperate with a company from Korea for a new project.


Of course, it's a cooperation with South Korea's Huier company.


"Yes!" William nodded, "Got it!”


Of course, they went there mainly to participate in the commercial activity.


Actually, William's main purpose of bringing Sherry was to relieve his boredom.


Of course, under the guide of work matters, he also brought Liam with them.