A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 36: She Was Like a Cat on Hot Bricks

She was not qualified to visit Dad!


Sherry cleaned up the withered flowers and put the fresh flowers she brought. Then she looked up at the affable smile of the 

man in the picture on the tombstone.


Sherry was sad, "Dad, I come to see you! Are you fine?”


"I'm the only one left in our family, Dad...”


At this moment, the phone rang. Sherry took a deep breath and picked up the phone. "Ms. Murray, Mr. Rowland wants you to 

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get to the office at 4:00 p.m.!"


"Ms. Hines, I..."


"Sherry, we have a meeting this afternoon, and Mr. Rowland wants you to be in charge of a project. Sherry, if you do this 

project well, your future will be bright. You are likely to be promoted from an obscure secretary to a special assistant of Mr. Rowland, and your salary and treatment will be greatly improved. Come on, I believe in your ability! Remember to arrive at the company on time at four o'clock in the afternoon!"


“Well” Sherry was a little speechless.


Work! Work!


She had been working part-time since she was 15. Until recently, she took a lot of trouble to get into The Rowland Group. She 

thought she could become a white-collar worker, but she didn't expect to be harassed by her boss, and her boss was a very handsome man. He could have any  kind of woman he wanted. She really didn't understand why he wanted to harass her?


"Forget it! Don't think about the mess:’


Sherry looked at her dress, which could cover the love bites William made. So she went straight to the company in this dress.


When Sherry arrived at the company, it was time for lunch. Everyone went to the restaurant for lunch. She bought a packet of 

instant noodles and cooked instant noodles in the office area.


Suddenly, a deep voice came from behind, "Don't eat instant noodles in the future!"


Sherry shivered with fear, “Mr. Rowland!”


After yesterday's thing, they were embarrassed when they met again. God, why did Sherry meet William again?




Sherry, to be exact, was embarrassed. But William didn't seem to be acting strangely. He even took it for granted that they 

met. At the moment, he was staring at her, standing a meter away from her desk.


Sherry's face turned red.


“Don't tell me you were off today because of what happened last night." Looking at Sherry who was blushed, William spoke 

coldly, and then he strode over with no expression, with his high-grade silver gray suit having no wrinkles.


As a result, Sherry's face turned redder.


Looking at the shy woman who was wearing a dress that suited her age today, William thought she was much more beautiful.


In an instant, William remembered something. He squinted and asked Sherry again, “Is it really because of last night's thing?”