A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 33: He Did it on Purpose!

Sherry was stunned for a moment while watching him leaving.


Somehow, she actually felt that his tall back figure seemed quite lonely.


His actions really confused her!


Sherry somehow felt irritated at heart, and it felt more depressing because she didn't know what was causing it.


He meant that he won't disturb her anymore?


That was good! That would be very great.


When Sherry delivered the coffee to William, he didn't even lift his head.


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He just coldly said, "Get out!"


Then, William didn't leave his office until noon.


Sherry didn't have energy all morning, her eyes were sore and swollen.


It's the result of a sleepless night!


Soon, it's time for lunch.


Sherry glanced at Laura's seat, but it's empty!


She then looked at her own hands.


There were still some blisters, it didn't get better even after she applied the ointment.


"Sherry, let's have some lunch: Alice walked over, "It's time!"


The colleagues looked at Sherry complicatedly like they were looking at a different species.


Once Sherry and Alice showed up, the whole restaurant that was noisy suddenly became absolutely silent.


After it was silent for some time, the restaurant started to be noisy again.


"Ms. Murray, you're really capable at work. Even Mr. Rowland and Mr. Brooks appreciated you.." Eve Davies, the assistant of the finance department talked sourly.


Those words were not a praise, it's sarcasm.


Sherry would know what Eve Davies's words meant even if she were dumber.


"Haha, that's right. Ms. Murray is really capable!” another person ridiculed her.


Sherry also understood what they meant by “capable”.


It sounded very harsh.


"Sherry, just ignore them. Let's sit there!” Alice pulled her to the corner.


“I heard Mr. Rowland and Mr. Brooks almost fought because of her...”


Sherry just ate in silence while all the colleagues were talking.


"Sherry, don't mind them. They're just very bored!" Alice looked at her anxiously.


“I'm fine!" Sherry shook her head and glanced at the blisters on the back of her hand.


She thought, it must be because Liam pulled her out of the restaurant and William also went to the hospital while holding her hand.


Plus, the fact that Lara that was suddenly fired.


Everybody naturally got something to say when all that happened.


"Sherry, there's really nothing between you and Mr. Rowland?’ Alice started to feel confused too.


She then frowned and shook her head, "But you and Mr. Rowland looked really strange!”


"What's strange about us?” Sherry asked indifferently.


"Mr. Rowland seems to care so much about you, he even brought you to the hospital himself. It's just a burn, so telling the driver to bring you the ointment is just the same. But Mr. Rowland brought you to the hospital himself! Even if you were injured in the company and so the injury was work-related, but Mr. Rowland's reaction seemed to be excessive!”


Sherry sighed weakly, "You're really good at analyzing... Alice, I really admire you, but I really don't understand Mr. Rowland. If you knew what he wants to do, please tell me too, okay?"


"Eh! There's really nothing?"


“What are you hoping for?"


"Hehe, what else would I be hoping for? We entered the company together, and we're both Mr. Rowland's secretary. If you are in a relationship with Mr. Rowland, wouldn't I get the benefit too? It'll be easy for me to know some insider information, get a salary raise, and many more!” Alice spoke treacherously.


Sherry rolled her eyes.


Her life was devastating, and she had lost all her families.


She had even lost her dignity as a human being.


She didn't want to bear any debt of love. She would rather fall harshly to gain the dignity, even if it seemed quite laughable!


Even if her life was made of a bunch of absurdities, because there's too much surprises in it, she had remained indifferent since long ago.


So she just smiled at Alice's remarks.


Suddenly, the restaurant became noisy again, "Mr. Rowland and Mr. Brooks are here!”


"Hey! Sherry, Mr. Rowland is here!” Sherry was speechless at Alice's excitement.