A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 32: Who Said I liked Her?

“Hahaha...” Liam was laughing from ear to ear until he realized something that made him stop. He noticed that there was palm print on William's face which he didn't see until now when he looked more closely. "Will, what happened to your face?”


"Uh!" William picked up the coffee cup again, looked down at the dark brown liquid and then made a face, "This coffee really doesn't taste very nice!"


"No way! You are just trying to change the subject! What the hell, who would dare hit your face? Was it Sherry?”


William took a sip of coffee and asked, "What do you think?”


“I'll leave you guys to talk; I will be back soon!” When Susan saw Leon she stood up and walked out to go with him.


"Bye then!" The two people both waved at her at the same time.


When he saw the expression on his face, a smile then immediately appeared onto Liam's face, "No way, Will, so you really do have some problem with Sherry? You fired Lara for her right and now you are afraid about her knowing that you deliberately sent her away to the finances department. You really have expended much care and thought regarding this, has our Mr. Rowland gone back to the time where he was actually gentle and considerate with women? Hm? Must be!”


William raised his eyebrows, "So what?"


"Uh! Okay!" Liam made a gesture. “I'm just curious on why you like Sherry?"


"Who said I liked her?”


"So you don't?" He really didn't understand William. "Will! We've know each other for about 12 years now right?"




"But I'm starting to understand you less and less!" Liam sighed. "Also right now you really don't seem like usual. Will, just from the first glance you can see that she is an innocent girl, so if you are just fooling around with her for fun then I suggest that you don't take this any further!"


"You seem very concerned about her?” His tone seemed slightly menacing, and as he looked at Liam he suddenly started to feel a little irritated.


"Of course, I care about every woman that is part of the company!" Liam smiled and a rather dubious look flashed in his eyes. "Will, be honest with me, are you just looking to fool around?"


He said nothing.


"No way? Did you already try to kiss her? But then she thought you were being a creep! Could it really be that the palm print on your face is from Sherry?" He suddenly realized what had happened.


Mr. William Rowland who was able to handle women so easily was now hit by a woman?


"Did I say it was her that hit me?"


"Then you admit it was a woman that hit you?" Liam raised his eyebrows at him.


William put down the coffee cup and then leaned back, "There is always a first time for everything in life!”


"What?" Liam looked at him in surprise with a sudden interest. “So what you are saying is that you were really hit in the face by Sherry?”


William didn't say anything else.


"I can't stand you anymore; you are making this so unnecessarily complicated!" Liam then said thoughtfully, "So this girl Sherry actually dared to provoke someone like you! This really is such a surprise, you know what; tomorrow I'm going to ask her if she felt good when she hit you’


William's expression changed and he then said flatly, "You better not get involved!"