A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 27: What Was He Up To

“Uncle, it's very tough on my mommy. My mommy needs to sell these before she can go home and I love my mommy and I want to help her sell these. Please buy one, uncle!" Dan saw that William wasn't buying and tried a different tactic.


"What about your daddy?’ William asked. Could his father allow his mother to bring a child out to sell condoms?


"Uncle, please leave if you don't want to buy. Why are you asking about my daddy?" Daniel was sad because he never had a daddy. He already accepted that not everyone had a daddy!


William's heart inexplicably ached when he saw Dan drooping his head.


“All these, I'll take it all! How much are they?"

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"Really? You're a good man, uncle! You're a hero, ten thousand yuan!" Daniel remembered what mommy said.


William took out his wallet. He started to carry a wallet after he was yelled at by Sherry the other day. He took out twenty thousand yuan and gave it to Daniel.


“I'll give you twenty thousand yuan. Don't sell these anymore. A kid should concentrate on his studies!" He was at the age when he should be pampered by his parents.


"I don't want so much! Just ten thousand will do!” Daniel returned half of the money to him, "Uncle, take the entire box!”


After that, he took the money to look for Sherry!


William's mind was once again filled with that woman's face as he saw the small boy walking away. He became frustrated and threw that box of condoms into the boot of the Bugatti...


"Mommy! I've sold the goods! We can go home now!"


Sherry was stunned and only when Daniel gave her the money did she come to her senses, "Oh lord! Dan, how did you...


“An uncle came and bought all of them. He was the same uncle who I met on the airplane! So that uncle isn't a bad person after all! He gave me twenty thousand yuan but since mommy said that ten thousand was enough, so I sold it for ten thousand yuan!" The tiny boy explained, "I know not to take advantage of others!”


"What!" Sherry was very conflicted inside her. She looked at her son's small face and tears began to well up in her eyes. She was thinking about whether she was wrong to do this!


“Mommy? What's wrong?"


She was really wrong to do this! She shouldn't be selling this type of thing. Dan was only five years old. How could she have her five year old son sell condoms together with her?


This child was already very pitiful. He was abandoned since young by his parents and almost froze to death by the lake. If she didn't attempt suicide that day, Dan would have frozen to death! God, she was horrible.


"Dan, mommy will not sell these anymore! Let's go home!" Sherry returned the goods in her hands and held onto Dan's hand,