A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 26: Small Boy

“Er! I'll look for Mr. Brooks for the business plan!" Sherry smiled. But she was wondering how could Alice know so much that she knew the confidential details.


“Dearest Sherry, where are you going?" She met Liam before she reached his office.


"Mr. Brooks, it's regarding the business plan with AVL. Mr. Rowland isn't in and Ms. Gill is rushing me for it. Can you please have a look?" Sherry explained.


"Okay! Come in.” Liam opened the door and walked in. Although he browsed the documents quickly, he was very focused and was entirely different from his typical casual attitude.


“Okay. I've seen it.” Liam raised his head. "Sherry, how much will the fashion show cost?"


Sherry was stunned. She didn’t know! “I don't know! I haven't calculated!"


“Your business plan is not bad. You actually selected the open-air Golden Plaza which is new but you didn't calculate the costs. That is your main error. Mr. Rowland will tear you if he found out that you didn't calculate the cost!" Liam laughed as he said, “but I'm a kind person and will not squeal on you!"


Sherry broke out in cold sweat, "Mr. Brooks, is a cost of five million US dollars too much?"


"Sherry, you should know that fashion shows are the lifeblood of all fashion clothing companies. If you want to stand out from the millions of fashion shows each year, the cost of five million US dollars is nothing but not every company can afford this. To calculate how much is acceptable, you have to figure out what are the returns!”


Liam didn't refute her but raised a complex question. Sherry now understands that he was rigorous towards his work and far from his usual devil-may-care attitude.


She had a new appreciation of Liam, "I will research into the cost of fashion shows in the country and work out a suitable budget. Thanks a lot, Mr. Brooks.’


At least today she had learned something, to raise a question to the subordinate but not provide the answer. It really looked like it took skills to be a manager, Liam was an genius.


William hadn't come to work for three days and Sherry didn't need to make coffee for him but she felt uneasy after shouting at Mr. Rowland last night.


She thought that the entire situation was unnecessary. It was just a 9.90 yuan condom and she could easily make the money. She had been too brash!


Because William wasn't present, the task of receiving the important customers fell upon Liam.


Sherry accompanied Liam to the company's reception room. A regional sales manager saw Liam and quickly walked over. Liam found this person very familiar and must be some important manager but he just couldn't recall who he was. He quickly turned towards Sherry and whispered, "Do you know who he is?”


“When the appointment was made over the phone, it was stated that he is the sales manager for the northern region, Ben Lowe!"


Liam stride across quickly and extended his right hand and firmly shook Ben's hand and pat his shoulder with his left hand. He enthusiastically welcomed, "Mr. Lowe, how are you doing?"