A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 23: Similar taste

Thus, in Susan and Sherry's bewilderment, William and Liam started to walk ahead of them towards the street located next to AVL.


"God! Is this the William I know?" Susan was dumbfounded.


"Ms. Gill, do you know Mr. Rowland?" Sherry asked curiously.


"Yes! I've known him for about ten years!"




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“Ah what? He was my junior in school!”


"Junior?" Sherry was dumbfounded. Susan and William looked similar in age. Mr. Rowland must be around thirty years old.


"Puzzled? It appears that I don't look my age but I'm already thirty two years old!” Susan sighed, "I can't escape the reality of time!"


"No, Ms. Gill, you are not old at all!” Sherry shook her head.


“You can drop the Miss and call me Sue!” Susan looked at her.


"Okay! Sue!"


“Hurry up, you two! Dearest Sue, are you trying to back out of treating us?” Liam was shouting from the front.


“Let's walk quickly! That clown is hastening us!” Susan referred to Liam.


"Then how long have you known Mr. Brooks?"


"They are both my juniors in school!" Susan shook her head in despair, "I didn't expect their personalities to change so much. After ten years, their personalities actually swapped!"


Sherry was listening intently to what Susan said. Can personalities be swapped? Wasn't it said that a leopard can't change its spots?


The eyes of the lady boss of the restaurant almost popped out when she saw the two handsome men dressed in business suits walk in.


“Hi! Madam, can we have a private dining room?" Liam said as he entered the shop.


“I'm sorry, Sir, we don't have private rooms here.’ The lady boss said apologetically. She had never expected someone of their stature to eat at her little restaurant!


Susan walked in at this moment.


“Ah! Ms. Gill, you're here as well!"