A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 21: No Way to Escape

William suddenly carried her into the men's bathroom next door then slammed the door. In the narrow space, Sherry was held tightly by William. His lips held her small mouth, and the tip of his tongue reached into her mouth. A smell of cigarette was tasted. Sherry was stunned by what William did!


William was also shocked by how impulsive he acted!


Sherry reacted and struggled, "Mr. Rowland ..”


But the more she struggled, the more frenzied he became. Despite her protest, he deepened the kiss even more. She pushed him hard to avoid his kiss.


However, his kiss was so powerful that she had no way to escape.

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William kissed her hard. He did not know, why, her lips were so attracted to him.


He kissed her in order to shut her from talking. However, it never occur to him that he couldn't stop at all. And for Sherry, who had no kissing experience, was actually melted by his kiss.


Gradually his kiss became gentle, with some flirtatious feelings.


His deep and powerful kisses, just like him, are domineering and lonely. It lasted for a long time. His breath went unsteady, he couldn't even describe how he felt right now.


You could see a bit sadness in his eyes, as if he owed her something.


He pressed her tightly on the wall. She had no strength to stand up straight but only could lie in his arms. Both of them were sexually attractive at that moment.


One of her hands was right around his thin but strong waist, and the other was around his elegant neck.


His skin felt nice, and her red face was on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.


Sherry was startled. Her brain went blank, and she forgot to retract her hands.


Unconsciously, she looked him in the eyes, which were narrowing and staring at her. His eyes were so mysterious that no one could read them.


The fragrance of milk lingered in his nose, just like the warm breeze with floral scent of cherry blossoms in spring, relaxing people in a good way.


He could feel her soft body even through the clothes. Her soft and magical breasts seem to call for his deepest desire.


His dark eyes were flickering, faintly revealing the most primitive desire.


At this moment, William was like a leopard who had been dormant for a long time, emitting jealousy and danger.


Sherry finally came back to herself and immediately pushed him away. However, within such a small space, the best they could do was to stand face to face.


“If you saw what you shouldn't have seen, you must bear the consequence!” William's low voice was evil and bewitching. His hot breath sprayed on her slender neck, flirting and itchy.


Sherry heart started to pound wildly, "Mr. Rowland, I didn't mean to, I .."