A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 602 Happiness In The Heart

“I’ve returned the key to her!” He said, “It was the key I took last time when I helped her to bring her clothes. It was the day when it rained."

He explained it, Esther suddenly felt a little embarrassed when she heard him. Looking like she was too sensitive, “Hum, I knew you don’t have anything with her!”

He could only smile, “Are you sure you’re not in love with me?”

She was stunned again, suddenly she held his face and kissed him.

When she asked him the same question last time, he also kissed her back. If he would ask her the same question again, she would kiss him. This kiss should have answered his question.

When Esther finished kissing and wanted to get up, he clasped her waist, “You’ve already kissed me, you want to leave me just like this?”

“Erm!” Esther’s eyes opened widely.

“You don't trust me, so you should be punished!” He said in a deep voice and his face began to look serious.

Esther was stunned, “What punishment?”

“Shut up.” Elijah glared at her and started to untie her clothes.

“Elijah, I’m doing my homework!” She hurriedly said. He wouldn’t want it again, would he?

“Shut up, do you understand? Woman, you always annoy me!” This time he raised his voice impatiently. He had picked her up and went straight into the bedroom.

Esther looked at his handsome face uneasily. There was a flame in his eyes, and her heart was beating fast, “You, you being like this make me feel so afraid of you—”

Her voice was very soft, she looked at his face, and he seemed to want to ‘devour’ her, she couldn’t help but felt a little nervous, “Elijah, babe, darling, why do you look like you want to eat me?”

“Trust me in the future!” He said.

“It’s because you are too attractive and girls like you!” She pouted, “There is a woman who likes you and yet you still hold her key! The key to a single woman’s room is too intimate!”

With a sigh, Elijah’s slender fingers caressed her cheeks. He stared at her eyes deeply, spoke in a low voice, “Do you love me? would you be jealous?”

She shrunk her shoulders and frowned, “Do I love you?”

Her rhetorical question made him feel more helpless, “Esther!”

Elijah’s tall physique pressed her down and trapped her on the bed with his own body.

today. Alright! I love you, if

said she loved him at this moment, perhaps she did not know that he was waiting for that day, the day when she would tell

what will you do

at Elijah. Elijah was unpredictable. Why would he ask such a question suddenly? “You want to leave me? Do you want to escape? Didn’t


life, won’t you? You will be very happy. You will still live a good life alone. You may be sad for a while, but you will still find your fun, make new

at any time, miss her smile, and constantly recall the days they used to share. Although

said in a daze. Although he was right, she could still live without him. She loved and would miss his smile, but she hadn’t

feeling bitter. It was different from the pain when she left Hudson. This kind of pain was more painful than suffocation. She couldn’t

and pressed Esther’s body. He embraced her, “Don’t you forget, I’m your husband, your man, you are the most qualified person to question me! But I want to tell you that I also only got

you? I used to love Hudson, but I didn't die when I left Hudson, and I

surprised, “What did you

like you. I can’t allow them to even look at you! I feel like I’ve become mean and greedy.” She said in an overbearing way suddenly, “No

Elijah’s mood brightened up instantly, “Babe! Do you have a clear definition of love and like? You were just used to being with Hudson, that’s not

don’t want other women to like you!” She pulled down his head and kissed him

spoke in a hoarse voice, suddenly

Seducing him?

in his eyes. She smiled strangely and blinked her eyes naively, “I remember that you are the one

and touched his bottom, rubbing

a little hoarse. Elijah looked at Esther who was writhing

intentional. His long legs caught her beautiful

his eyes filled with the

smooth chest as she pleased, “Oh, your body is great. How do you train this muscle? But even if you continue your training again,

and grasped her small hand, “You’re

her lips, she slightly curved her fingers on her small hand that was held by Elijah, she

palm to his whole body. She’s such a devil, she didn’t do anything, but she

looked at Elijah who felt

and she moved her cherry red lips,

you say you want it!” Elijah’s hoarse voice filled Esther’s ear, “I will love you so

shrinking her body for a

voice still sounded laidback and ambiguous, he

just as Elijah took off Esther’s clothes, the doorbell suddenly

Esther puzzled

rang at the wrong time, Elijah frowned

doorbell was still

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