A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 599 Are You Happy?

It was the first time for Elijah to see her being timid. Her head dropped on her chest. He did not know what had happened. When he wanted to ask, his phone suddenly rang.

“Hello!” Elijah said.

“Elijah! Don’t let Esther come to the charity anymore, Lilah let Esther watch pornography!” Ethel confessed through the phone. “Look after my sister, don’t let her learn something bad!”

Elijah was startled, he subconsciously looked at Esther. No wonder she was being timid and panting, so it was what it was! ...

(Nothing to be described) ...

It was half past six in the evening.

Elijah brought Esther to D University. The car was parked in front of the design building, “I’ll wait for you here, come down right after you finish your class!”

“But it would be around one and a half hour! It would be 8.30 p.m. by the time I finish!” Did he mean that he was going to keep waiting?

“I’ll wait for you!” He replied. “Just go!”

“Okay!” Esther got out of the car quietly. She turned around and looked at Elijah. He was back to being cold as if he was just doing it for her.

She pouted, “Do you have anything to say?”

He looked at her, the sky was a little dark. Then he said, “Come here!”

He stretched out his hand and grabbed her head. He kissed her tiny lips. “You’re my woman! That’s what I want to say!”

Esther blushed and rubbed her nose. “I know!”

Then, she turned around and happily walked to the class.

She was feeling relaxed and her steps did not seem to be heavy, she walked gently into the elevator while humming.

Elijah kept waiting outside of the building, Esther could only get out of class at 8.30 p.m. He kept waiting but he felt extremely happy.

His phone rang, he took out and answered the phone coldly, “Say it!”

“Young master! The investigation shows that Philip is the recent real estate developer tycoon in Q City. New City Properties was established two years ago. Within two years, it was now the largest real estate company in Q City. With the support of the government, they managed to take over all government projects. According to other resources, he was in the United States for seven years then he went to study International Finance course at Harvard University. He also obtained a double bachelor’s degree in both Business Administration and Financial Engineering within four years. As you were doubting about his other identity, the investigation did not manage to find anything else! He changed his name to Philip when he immigrated illegally into the United States. We don’t know his previous name; I believe that there was someone who destroyed all his previous data on purpose!”

“Okay!” Elijah replied coldly. “Continue to follow his whereabouts!”


The phone was hung up.

Elijah took out another phone, which seemed like a special communication tool. He dialed an international number, “It’s me!”

There was laughter with a hint of crack jokes coming out from the phone, “Little punk, what make you think of me?”

“Does Philip Howlden work for you?” Elijah asked directly.

“Uh! Philip Howlden? Philip! Little punk, how could I know Philip? Who’s Philip? It should be nighttime on your side, right? You call me at night just to ask about Philip?” The voice from the other side sounded very dissatisfied. “Why should I tell you?”

“If you don’t know him and if I hurt him, you should not blame me then!” Elijah’s eyes were bright and shiny, he asked coldly, “Are you sure you don’t know who he is?”

“Hurt him? Hahaha... Elijah, you might be no match for him!” There was arrogant laughter coming from the phone. “Philip is not worse than you!”

mean he’s with

don’t take over, I’m planning to let him inherit my

over your properties then, I’ll

don’t hang up yet!” The one

Elijah waited.

when you were a kid! Elijah, a cold person like you can be so romantic?” I don’t know if she’s qualified to be the chief’s

face became relaxed. “I’ve said that I

Elijah. No one is more

don’t want

do you think it’s easy for anyone to be a chief?”


trace of politeness. He sat in the car while pursing his lips. Yes, he’s married. Although the way it had been done was not good, there was nothing that

was almost time for the class to end. Elijah got out of the car and came to the lobby on the first floor to wait for

did not want to attract

was a crowd coming out from the

he looked at the elevator. Why hadn’t she come down

leaning on the side. He looked worried. But he did not dare to go up because he was afraid to

did not want her to study here and

at the figure running down to the exit of the staircase. Damn it!

met Esther’s eyes

why are you crying?” Elijah was feeling uneasy about her

looked at his face. Then, she squeezed her head into his chest. At that moment, she lost all her courage, “Can

not?” He asked.

knew what happened.

worm for the rest of

his hands to hug her. “Let’s talk when we’re

without knowing what had happened to her.

corner of his shirt tightly. Her sad expression was like a doll abandoned by

she leaned herself over. “I

Who says that you’re stupid?” He asked politely. Elijah sighed for a while and kissed Esther’s forehead gently, “Tell me, what happened?”

head and looked at him, “My

would comment that their students are stupid! This is

the way he criticized her tutor. She felt so indignant. She suddenly smiled. “Hehe, it’s good to

grabbed his neck and kissed his face. Elijah was startled

defended others therefore tutor said that I was stupid!” She was beaming with joy. “Because today someone pulled my chair and wanted me to fall. My tutor saw it and scolded the person, but I defended that person. My

little. “Who wants to hurt you? Are you

shook her

are you crying for then? He was feeling uneasy and wanted to go back to check it out. Damn it, who dared to bully his

a little lonely, everyone doesn’t like

jealous of you!” When he replied, he thought of the recent news that she was part of the Ball family. He could not help but sigh for a while. “You’re not alone, those who are jealous of you, they are not worthy to be your friends! Aren’t you friends with Lena? It’s good enough to have just one or two

good-looking chin. She suddenly wanted to have a home, but she was

go to the

sounded so ambiguous that Esther started to blush.

smiling and he said in a

from D University, his phone rang.

and answered it. He sounded distant and

not know what was said from the other side!

much in the company but I want to bring my babe for an outing! Take care of yourself! Hope that you get well soon! We’ll not go to the hospital tomorrow! Even the

worry about the hospital bills. Esther is my wife; I’ll take care of it! I apologize for the harm that

finished talking and continued

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