A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 598 Not the Right Time

“Did you mean that day I fed Kattie?” He sighed and said, “It's all because of you, you made me do that!”

“Did I?” Esther was stunned. “When did I ask you to do that?”

“Why can you wear a man's clothes and I can't feed a woman?” he asked back.

“Uh! You are not going back home yet at night!”

“I was discussing the state of her condition with the doctor that night and I just wanted to let her recover soon to relieve your burden!” He said solemnly.

“But you have been with her for several nights, even if there are caregivers, you are still with her! You didn’t return home at the night I was poisoned?”

“I was in the company that night. Didn't I just go there in the morning? I didn't expect to meet you and Philip early in the morning...”

“Weren't you staying in the hospital that night?” She was a little surprised.

“Well! The only night that I stayed in the hospital was when the expert was invited!”

“Did you purposely act so affectionate with Kattie in front of me?” She asked in disbelief and yet she was still suspicious. “You mean you want me to get jealous?”

He smiled faintly and quietly. Then, he stared at her red lips with some thoughts in his heart.

Suddenly, he clenched his hand hard. He grasped her thoughts and whispered, “Babe, let's make up!”

Esther arched her back uncomfortably, he… It seemed like there was a light tease that itched her heart but her mind was still very messy. “I'm tired, don't touch me!”

He stopped teasing her immediately.

She stated again, “You are allowed to hug me to sleep! However, you are not allowed to touch me!”

“Uh!” He was stunned for a moment. “Babe, you are torturing me purposely!”

His lips slid down slowly. It slid over her chin, lower jaw, and then to her tender neck and her fair chest. Her hot skin was like a fire, and her lips was like a piece of jade that was heating up slowly.

“Elijah, if you dare to touch me tonight, I will run away and stay at Hudson’s house and will never come back again!” She took the opportunity to threaten him.

“Babe, you are looking down on me!” Elijah got into the quilt and embraced her. He stopped moving. “Don't worry, even if you let me have sex with you tonight, I won't do it! Little fool, it's important to keep your health up!”

He had strong self-control which she didn’t know. Although he was suffering, he could bear it for her health.

The next day.

Esther was brought to the company by Elijah.

Esther was curious and so she asked him after he parked his car in front of the company. “Not going to visit Kattie?”

“She has those caregivers!” Elijah said solemnly.

strange!” Esther frowned. He didn't do anything to her

would go for a theory class entitled “Introduction to Design” in the evening and he promised to go with her

a touch of gentleness when he looked at her. He taking care of Kattie was just out of humanitarian concerns. It could be said that it

of a sudden who was walking towards the building. Immediately, she got her hand out from Elijah’s hand and ran towards Ethel. “Ethel,

charming level had dropped too sharply. How could she

a few days ago. Then, he smiled treacherously and evilly, “Esther, tell me, what happened to you

Lilah!” Esther stated it clearly

him. But he was still hugging Esther’s slender waist fearlessly. He turned around to look at Elijah’s stiff and handsome face. Then, he acted even more presumptuously which brought his handsome face near Esther’s neck. “Esther, Elijah called me to drink in

Esther was

have got a cold shoulder and it’s sure that he is very depressed. 80% of it is because he was dissatisfied with desire!” He was still holding Esther’s waist with his hand. Ethel was speaking with a smile, talking affectionately on Esther’s


a miserable moan and let go of his hand that placed on Esther’s waist quickly, rubbing on the red and swollen back of his painful hand which was hurt

bounced off

want your hand?” A low and cold voice sounded. Elijah stared at Ethel’s obstructive hand with his displeased eyesight. Then, he walked to Esther’s side

your brother-in-law!” Ethel was rubbing his swollen hands and screamed in protest. “Elijah, do you have humanity? I have known you for so many years, Elijah, you simply have forgotten

look in his

for him to appear in front of

were taken aback when they saw Esther being placed in the CEO’s arms and walked

no idea why Ethel scream of a sudden, but she knew that

will not allow any man to take advantage of you!” Elijah put his arm around

lifted her eyes and looked up at his face. His sturdy handsome face made

and kissed her lips. “I am the only person who can touch

in her heart due to

Elijah lowered his head at that moment, he would find that Esther’s eyes were flashing with moving to throb. “What if a woman takes your advantage

off that woman's hand for you!” He tightened his arm around her waist. His falcon-like black eyes flashed and stared at her. His hand that was holding Ester suddenly tightened, “Babe, in the

looked at Elijah’s big hand that wrapped her small hand and his oath reverberated in her ears. She pulled her hand back suddenly looked at him with a dignified and

the matter?” Elijah was stunned. He was wondering why she was not touched but looked at him

you should chop off your hand before you feed another woman!”

looked at the angry Esther. His silly girl was different from other people. Most of the women would feel touched and hug him in that atmosphere, even if

mine! You deserve to be my woman!” Elijah raised the corner of

going to see Song Yan, stop!” Esther looked at the floor

go!” He hugged her and forbade her to press

find you later!” She

you haven't gotten up within half an hour, I'll go down and get

holding the door key.

she would like to see Lilah. She walked to the charity department but she did not see Ethel. Lilah seemed to be sitting

greeted Lilah

for a while and heard Lilah let out an exclamation. “Wow! You must

walked over quietly. Lilah hadn’t noticed her yet. Esther was already standing in front of her, but she didn’t notice her at all. Then, Esther walked to her and looked at what she was watching. Esther was curious about what Lilah was watching and

completely stunned when


through the office of the charity department and also penetrated Lilah’s

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