A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 597 Love and Possession

“Esther, go home with him and just solve any misunderstanding, then everything will be alright!” Hudson’s tone was soft and there was some hidden loneliness in it. “After you guys reconciled with each other, you may come back whenever you like. I don’t like to see your unhappy face!”

“Hudson...” Esther was touched, and her tears dropped down.

Hudson knew her well and he knew that she was unhappy. He knew what she truly desired!

After hanging up the phone, she turned his head to look outside the window and started to cry while pursing her lips.

Since when, Esther who used to be happy and worriless started to become a cry baby?

Elijah Perry was downhearted and did not speak. He just outstretched one of his hands to hold her small hand and tried to ask for her forgiveness.

Esther shook off his hand forcefully like a child who was at loggerheads. She grabbed the phone given by Hudson. Elijah saw it and asked, “Where is the previous phone?”

Esther remained silent.

“Broken?” He asked.

“In the public toilet. You can it back if you want!” Finally, she replied the question with an unpleasant attitude but she was regretful for answering his question again. Then, she remained silent again.

She looked outside the window again and when she recalled the dismal that day, her eyes were distracted then went blank. After being stunning for a while, she blinked her eyes as if she was trying to blink off something. Then, her eyes became clearer and brighter.

“Drop into the toilet?” Elijah finally got it. No wonder regardless of the attempts he made to call her to confirm her location, she did not pick up the phone. So actually, it dropped into the toilet.

When they returned to the apartment, Elijah took off Esther’s clothes as soon as he walked in the apartment.

“Eh! What are you doing?” Esther was astonished. “Elijah, you are a pervert! Bastard!”

But, Elijah just removed her clothes to check her back, which was then with a tinge of purple due to food poisoning. He was sorrowful uncontrollably and asked, “Babe, do you still feel sad?”

Actually, he was just checking the bleeding spot under her skin!

His big hand was touching her back and there were some wounds on her front chest. Esther got back to her sense. Suddenly, she removed his hand and said, “It’s not your business!”

She got rid of him. She did not care that she was just wearing underclothes and directly walked into the bathroom.

“I help you to wash!” Elijah stepped forward quickly and directly pushed open the door before she closed it. After going in, he helped her to prepare the water for her to shower.

Esther did not show any expression on her face and did not look at him as well.

Elijah turned his head and looked at her pitifully. “Babe, tell me, do you still feel uncomfortable?”

“You should go to the hospital to take care of Kattie Cole! I don’t need your gentleness and Kattie needs it!” Esther stared at his handsome face and said mercilessly, “She needs your care, not me!”

“Babe, I know that you are blaming me!” Elijah grabbed her hand tightly and looked into her eyes deeply. “Don’t get angry. Don’t make trouble! Shower!”

Esther could not bear from trembling. She could feel the warmness from his palm through the hand that was grabbed by him. Her eyes turned clearer and when she looked at him, she felt a sense of perplexity.

will wash



shameless?” Esther’s face blushed and said in a way that was full of jealousy, “Elijah, do you know that you are so shameless? You should go

that?” Elijah raised

Get out! Can you listen? I am exhausted. Elijah, are you aware that you are harming me? I just got poisoned and you hurt me after I had

Elijah said in surprise. “Where do you feel uncomfortable? Let’s go to the hospital,

shyly and pushed him away.

and worried. “Take your time. I will go and

he got

Esther covered her face

Philip and she put on Philip’s shirt. But, why would all these happen? It was because he

very normal? She


that much and caused them lack of trust? Was this so called love? Esther shook her head and mocked herself. If the love that one had

he might be jealous and all these weird things happened due to jealousy. She was still unhappy because not everything would be solved after an apology. For example, he could gently feed Kattie

She could not tell the difference

thinking, Esther slept in the bathroom unexpectedly.

long time but did not see her coming out. So, he gently opened the door

she just slept like this. He walked towards her and lowered his head. The water in the bathtub was still

looked at the body in the water and her round and plump breast, it made him suffocate. The tits looked like a fruit that was so fresh and attractive. Elijah suppressed his desire forcefully and bent his waist to carry her.

with a start and realized that she was carried by him then brought to the bedroom.

her eyes met with Elijah’s eyes which were filled with desire. Every man would have some feelings when hugging a woman with such beautiful

towel to wipe away the water drops on her body. Then, he took a hair dryer and

it myself!”

towards her then stood behind her. He lifted her

while sitting and dared not move. How could it be possible that he wanted to help her to dry her hair? This was the first time. But, her tone was

the hospital to take care of Kattie? I don’t need your care

him, she

dryer while stroke her hair with his big hand.

hand was touching her hair naturally and felt that her soft hair was moving through his hand. The feeling made him feel as if

was slightly moist. He switched off the hair dryer and put it back. He gently pressed Esther’s shoulder with both

a juicy peach. Elijah moved his hand to gently caress her neck and he wanted to kiss

bore with it and said, “Rest early, your body has not recovered

that, he took out a piece of blanket from the cupboard and said, “I will sleep

body was not in good condition and he was afraid that he could not control himself. If he did something which was harmful to her, he would be

was stunned. Did he say he

and Elijah directly walked

little disappointed. She lifted the blanket and went into bed after changing into a pajama. But no matter how, she could not fall

outside the room, could not fall

thousand, but she was still unable

was it that she lay down for so long and her body had not recovered yet then still she

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