A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 596 Overwhelming Regret

Esther saw Ethel standing beside the podium. At this moment, she only knew that tonight there would be a charity sale. And it was organized by Ethel.

Ethel was now saying something to the emcee.

After a while, a beep was sounded. The hall was filled with silence in an instant.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to invite you tonight..." Ethel stood on the podium and spoke. Esther went out again. She wasn’t interested in the charity sale. And she was now not in the mood to be interested in it.

She once again came to the rooftop and looked at the night sky. She could only feel the loneliness.

Hudson walked up to Elijah with a glass of wine. Both men gazed at each other.

Elijah raised his head and looked at Hudson. He asked in an estranged and indifferent tone, "Something wrong?"

"Don’t you know that Esther wasn’t so well?!" Hudson only said these few words. "There’s no one to take care of her in these few days. That's why she’s staying at my place!"

Elijah was stunned for a moment. He then pursed his lips and sneered, "I see her having so much fun!"

"Elijah, you must cherish the happiness you’ve right now!" Hudson warned him. Then, he stood up and walked towards the rooftop.

That was all he could do. He wanted to punch his pride away. But if he really did that, he was afraid that Esther would be getting sadder! Hudson smiled bitterly. No matter what and no matter who she was, he had to guard Esther's happiness!

Elijah thought about what Hudson had just said. Then, he walked outside to make a call. "Investigate the whereabouts of Madame in the past few days, in detail. I want to know it immediately!"

Hudson saw the figure standing alone on the rooftop while leaning on the fence. His eyes were soft, and they were filled with complicated emotions. Then, he clenched his fist and released his fist again. Finally, he refreshed himself and walked over her casually.

"Esther? Do you want to have a dance?"

Esther turned around and saw Hudson. She laughed, "But I don’t know how to dance!"

"I'll teach you!" Hudson said as he held her hand and they went back to the party. The auction seemed to have ended and Elijah disappeared. The music started. Esther was brought to the dance floor by Hudson.

A moment later, Elijah's phone rang. He answered the call outside the hall. "Sir, madame had submitted a leave note and hospitalization certificate. She got poisoned with nitrite the day before yesterday. She had stayed in the hospital overnight ..."

Elijah didn't listen to the rest of the words. He only felt his heart pained uncontrollably. Food poisoning? Damn, what had he done? He felt overwhelmingly regretful. Elijah took a drag of cigarette. Then, he strode towards the hall.

So, he really was wrong! Ethel was right!

On the dance floor, Esther was in Hudson's arms. "No, Hudson. I can't. Your feet are swollen because of me! Does it hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt!" Hudson shook his head indifferently. "Come on. Continue. Let's consider it as a practice!"

He couldn't bear seeing her being alone outside. His heart would hurt. So, he pulled her to dance, "Sure no problem. You're smart. I'm sure you can get the hang of it. Just go along with my steps!"

don't want to dance! I don’t know, it would only

them. They were surprised that she couldn't dance. "Don’t care about what others say! Let's dance!" Hudson placed his hand on her waist. Then,

her arms around his neck

head helplessly and said, “Esther, don’t be like

really don’t want to dance!” Esther

striding towards her and seemed to be filled with distressed expression. When Esther

Elijah said in a deep voice as he

head, "I don't want!

immediately pulled Esther's hand. "Let's go to the rooftop

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me!" Elijah wouldn't let go

head. She didn't want to face this madman who changed drastically. A person

say!" Elijah looked at her affectively. Then, he turned to

Esther's heart suddenly tightened.

look towards Esther, but

other hand, "Esther, I'm in the

into his arms. When Esther was feared and wanted to struggle, he lowered his head and kissed her lips. His tongue slid into her mouth and touched hers. Her mouth was filled with the smell of tobacco mixed

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pushed him violently.

to get

fiercely for a while. He was expressing how he missed her and how he felt hurt through his kisses.

Her heart went fluttered and

morning at the hospital, you got food poisoning, didn’t you?" He looked at her in the dark. Even though the light was dim, her face was still so pale. No wonder he saw her in the hospital that day. No wonder she was in the hospital early in the morning. No wonder she said she wasn't feeling well and


What had he done?

heart. He was regretting what he had done previously. He was such a bastard. He

his embrace. Esther was completely confined to his

then she smiled bitterly. She shook her head and pushed him away. "Let me

"Babe!" Elijah frowned.

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let go of her

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and grunted coldly. "I have no love and no

and didn't want to compromise. She tried

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