A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 593 Illusions

“Hum! Thank you!” Esther sincerely thanked. “If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have saved my life!”

Tonight, Elijah didn’t go back.

Thus, he didn’t know Esther had an accident.

Esther’s phone fell into the toilet, so she didn’t call Elijah either.

The next day, Esther was unable to go to school so she missed the class again, but after a full night’s rest, she felt much better! Although she had no strength at all, she felt better than pooping and vomiting yesterday!

Philip also stayed up all night.

After dawn, Esther felt guilty when she saw there was blood in his eyes. Anyway, he saved her but she had no relationship with this man, just like Kattie saved Elijah. And now, she was saved too!

“Philip, you can go back! I’m better now! Just go back and rest!”

“No need!” He just simply answered. “Sleeping is the best way to rest! What will you do if I’m gone?”

“I know! That’s why I let you go back and sleep! I will continue sleeping even if you leave!” Esther smiled warmly while squinting her eyes and looked at Philip, and her heart was touched and feeling warm. “So are you worrying about me?”

Philip was stunned. “Well, it could be as I am still worried to leave you alone here!”

“It’s ok, I’m fine and there is a nurse!”

“Stop it, get well first!” Philip stopped her.

Esther was grateful and guilty when she saw that Philip had been busy all night and taking care of herself. “I’m much better now, and the doctor also said that I don’t need any more drips, so you can send me back as I want to be discharged from the hospital!”

“But the doctor said you need to stay for a while for observation!” Philip said worriedly.

“It’s ok, I want to go back first!” Esther insisted.

She didn’t want to owe anyone. She still forced herself to smile as she got out of bed weakly. “It’s the same if I go home to rest, there’s someone at home who can take care of me, so don't worry!”

Esther insisted on leaving the hospital and Philip didn’t demand too much.

After changing her clothes, Esther carried her shoulder bag and walked along the corridor of the hospital with Philip. As she was still weak, she walked very slow.

“Are you sure you can do it?” Philip was worried.

Giving back Philip a reassuring smile, Esther shook her head. “It’s fine, I have the devil’s luck!”

bit longer!” Philip looked at her sideways and saw that her face was very pale, yet,

If I die then it is all over!”

you be too young to care nothing about life and death?” Philip’s heart was aching and


walked towards the outside of the hospital. Suddenly, Philip’s footsteps lurched and Esther who was puzzled looked up in confusion. They were looking at the familiar figure with cold features who was walking

say anything but just looked at the

Esther said in a

complied and let

Elijah walking over with

was shocked and puzzled by the

since someone is here to pick you up, then

instructions. Philip took a very meaningful look at Elijah

looking up at Elijah. She didn’t

voice was cold.

to the class?’ She then spoke as he wasn’t asking about not going back

frowned, “Didn’t you go back either? Were

no wonder, her phone fell into the toilet, yet, she almost died of being poisoned yesterday and where was

back yesterday and I was with Philip!” Esther smiled

as he asked in a deep voice, “Why

“Didn’t you go

he have to

eyes a little painful. As she

Esther simply answered as she had known

He asked in a grieved

Esther asked back

was at the moment, who was suffering from nitrite poisoning and it turned out that he did not care about her! It turned out that all

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ahead of her and asked in an unhurried voice, “I’m not

his throat rolled, “You can call a driver! I have arranged a chauffeur for you, or else, you can ask that

words, he then strode towards the

dropped and her

closed her eyes

Esther tried to walk out of the hospital carefully. As she had no strength at all, she sat on the lounge chair under the station sign outside the hospital while looking at the people and cars coming and going. A

rack on the side in indignation, and when she withdrew her fist again, it was held tightly by a large

Esther looked at Hudson in dismay

handkerchief. His eyes tightened as he looked at

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