A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 589 Lost Mind

The car stopped at the gate of the apartment, Esther got out of the car alone, Elijah's car drove quickly past her, Esther did not see him. He watched the small figure in the rearview mirror get out of the car, and suppressed his anger. Fortunately, she just had a meal with that man instead of doing anything else!

Philip was a gentleman, and he just sent her back when he said that he would send her back after having dinner.

Esther was a little tired.

In the past few days, she had her period, and her body had not been well-rested. Elijah was busy with Kattie’s affairs and did not take care of her meals. In the past, Hudson would ask people to cook pork rib soup, hen soup, and bird’s nest porridge for her. Because she was exceptionally weak when she had per menstruation, her body could not bear coldness.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw Elijah's leather shoes in the cabinet. They were still wet and looked like he had just returned because the umbrella leaning against the door was still dripping.

Esther was taken aback, looking around for him, but saw nobody, "Elijah, are you back? How is Kattie?"

There was no response. Esther went in and looked for him. There was no one in every room.


Then, she changed her shoes, her clothes were a little wet. That was after she declined Philip's kindness she returned his clothes to him, she came back with an umbrella and got wet.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

Elijah in slippers and holding a bag in his hand, which looked like a pile of clothes inside, as if he had walked in from next door.

"Are you back?" Esther looked up and saw him.

He just glanced at her indifferently, then put the pile of clothes on the counter, Esther could see that it looked like a lady's clothes. She was taken aback, and pointed to the other side, "That is also your apartment?"

Elijah was silent, and then passed her indifferently and walked into the room.

She frowned. "How is Kattie's recovery? Not good?"

He still didn't answer, and then went into the study. He was surrounded by an aura of indifference, even if he didn't speak, she could feel the coldness radiating from his body.

Esther didn't care, thinking about how he had hung up the phone, and now it looked like Kattie's treatment was not going well, she had caused trouble, and she felt more guilty, so she dare not ask anymore.

Then she went into the bathroom, took a shower, and planned to ask Elijah after.

Esther came out of the shower relaxed, Elijah seemed to be still in the study.

She poured a glass of water, walked in, put the glass on the desk, and asked gently, "Is Kattie recovering well?"

He did not respond.

Elijah was sitting on a leather chair. He looked as if he was stuck in it. She couldn't see his face. She could only vaguely see the hair on top of his head, the long legs that stretched out beside the table, and the rising smoke. Did he smoke? Esther stared in wonder, he must have something to worry about, otherwise, he wouldn't smoke in the study.

and walked over, just thinking that she should share his worries and solve his

all the time, watching her get into the car in the clothes of a strange man, he chased them without

an hour eating together, and

in front of him, watching him stuck in a leather chair, his face complexion


him, looking at him. It was rare to see Elijah like this. She always thought he was a person who would

irritability in his heart eased slightly. He was not annoyed by Kattie's treatment. Kattie

you eaten?"

for not coming back earlier, feeling a little guilty in her heart. "Who did you eat with?" Elijah decided to give her another

at this moment, Esther paused and

voice had

a second,

hesitation, Elijah became

lie, he would rather that he read too much into it, but she lied, which showed that she didn't want

uncomfortable being looked

when she thought of his warning a few days ago and

my homework later." Esther said in a low voice, his anger is raging, it was better to wait for him to get calm before

pulled her into his arms, Esther fell on top

fell on the carpet, and there was a muffled sound. The

when she raised her head and her vision suddenly went

something was blocking his chest. It was dull and depressing. She

lips and arrogant hands crazily wanted to swallow her, she was so

scene, and the volcano in his heart began

a bit tingling, his lips squeezed her lips so hard, and his teeth kept chewing

in panic. The biting hurt her. How could

her refusal, the volcano in his heart

on the shoulder sadly,

he seemed to be punishing her, he kept biting her lips with his teeth, the tingling sensation hit her and Esther felt the bloody taste spread in her mouth,

said in a low voice and shook her head, trying to refuse. He was in a bad mood but he shouldn't

was against hers, did it

more than his

avoid his hands, but was

turned dark, staring at her open neckline—Babe, you could


tightened, and there was a sudden pain in her

to hide from his palm or leaning forward to avoid the clinging behind her back. His hands, his

with the tip of his tongue, feeling

didn't want to feel that way,

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