A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 588 I’ll Treat You Next Time!

“What about Elijah?”

“Hmm! How about I let my daughter marry him? Lena, I would have a daughter and let her marry your son, okay? Look at these eyes, they are as deep as the sea!”

“As deep as the sea?” Lena laughed, “Esther, you are hilarious, but to be honest, if my son really marries your daughter, then I will be really happy. There are not many kind people like you in this world anymore!”

“But Lena, Elijah says that Kattie is the kindest. It seems that you are right. Kattie really does like Elijah!” Esther pouted, “I am truly worried!”

Lena sighed.

But Esther smiled, “Whatever, I don't want to think about it. If Elijah betrayed me, I surely will not want him anymore!”

Although Esther said it as a joke, she still felt the pain in her heart when she said this.

She hoped that day would never come. She hoped she was just thinking too much.

It was already eight o'clock in the evening when Esther came back from Lena’s house.

Elijah didn’t come back. Esther called him, he said that he had to meet an expert who came from the United States. The expert would examine Kattie. He told Esther not to wait for him. He would not come back tonight.

Esther wanted to go to the hospital, but Elijah said that she had classes tomorrow and he was worried that her studies would be affected if she came.

So, Esther did not go.

Tonight, Esther did not sleep!

The weather was quite gloomy on Monday, when she came out from home, she didn’t put on extra clothes. She didn’t expect that it would be cold. But anyhow, she went to attend her class!

As soon as she entered the school, she realized that many people were looking at her, whispering something and their hands were holding newspapers.

She was stunned and confused. Then, she went to buy a newspaper.

She realized that the headline for today’s entertainment section was about her relationship with the Ball family, saying that she was Christ’s daughter, the marriage between the Perry family and the Ball family, would dominate the whole business industry in G City.

Esther just didn't expect that the reporter would report about her identity so soon. Entertainment reporters were really all pervasive. She was not sure whether Elijah had seen the news.

He didn’t come back all night and didn’t call her either. She wanted to call him, but she felt like she was acting too petty. After all, she was the one who hit Kattie.

She didn’t pay too much attention to the news report. She was sleepy during her class because she had insomnia last night.

Later, it suddenly began to rain outside the window. It was still raining heavily even after her class ended.

She looked at those couples under the umbrellas in the rain, and then she saw men who came to pick up their girlfriends. She was envious.

She didn’t know what happened, the driver didn’t come to pick her up. Later, the driver called her telling her that he was involved in an accident and couldn’t pick her up today. The driver got her a taxi, and the taxi would reach the school immediately.

Esther looked at the sky and stood outside the building waiting for the taxi.

was gone, there was still no taxi that

figure standing outside the building. She looked so lonely in the rain. He tiredly pinched his

also had the same surname ‘Price’, so Philip felt pitiful towards her and refused to believe that

we still couldn’t find

for a moment, he picked up his umbrella and got off the

being alone here. Let’s go.

and saw Philip

his pretty eyebrow, “You dare

she lowered her head again, the cold

didn't speak. He kept his umbrella and took off his suit coat. Then,

she raised her head again

catch a cold, you are the one who will suffer!” His tone was cold but what he said

thought about what happened all these years. Every time when it rained, Hudson would come,

had no reason to

did not

realized that actually she was still alone! Why did she feel very lonely whenever it rained? But when she thought about her hitting Kattie and

a stranger suddenly came and gave her warmth, she could not help but cry in

you back!” Philip said, he had inexplicable feelings towards Esther who lowered her head and

pitiful!” Esther retorted in

not pitiful!” Philip

so she said, “Okay, if

were numb, and her whole body couldn’t stand

the school building. Elijah coincidentally saw Philip holding Esther. Both of them sharing an umbrella and got in

squat too long next time!” After getting in the car, Philip said

long!” Esther smiled,

Esther’s phone rang suddenly.


Esther’s heart trembled.

that her voice was a little weak when she answered the phone, but why did she feel

are you?” Elijah did not

him? He didn’t come back all night, but his tone was

at this time, the car engine had been

for a few seconds, “Go home

have to go

indifferent, then

up. What was wrong with Elijah today? Why did he hang

that was holding the mobile phone. The eye-catching diamond ring shined in front of him.

to Philip, “I'm going to eat.

school gate, Elijah stepped on the gas paddle forcefully and the car rushed

the expert had to go back to the United States this afternoon. So they could only perform the drainage operation earlier, but he didn’t expect that it was raining when he came out from

Elijah was really angry.

he actually sat with her in a shabby snack bar eating steamed buns and even pickles. Her

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