A Moment in Destiny

Chapter442 The Same Heart

Meredith didn't know why Vincent asked her. Since he drank alone, it may have something to do with the test results. Meredith rolled her eyes and thought over his question. She recalled her lines from TV series, "True love is to defend your beloved and keep your heart unchanged no matter what happened."

Vincent was stunned slightly. He didn't expect Meredith could make the point clear and signaled her to continue. Meredith felt happy that she was appreciated. She continued to quote the lines of the heroine, "In the face of challenges, you could overcome the turmoil in your mind and insisted on your thoughts. Regardless of the shortcomings or bad habits of his beloved, the rumor, the obstacles and the objection from his relatives, you're still willing to love her with your whole heart."

Vincent sat still. He would love her no matter what happened.

"If you abandon the one you love because he is sick or has some shortcomings and bad habits, you don't love him with your true heart."

“If you stop loving her because of these negative factors, it's obvious that you don't love her enough or truly. To love someone, we should pocket our pride, give up prejudice, be gentle and prevent any factors that make you at odds with each other. More importantly, you should love her with your true heart and believe in her completely.”

“Don't let your true heart be affected by other factors. When she hurts you or doesn't love you, you won't hold a grudge against her or regret it. It proves that you truly love her. You can get the sacred love and feel mentally wealthy. Therefore, in face of the shortcomings of your beloved, your attitudes, feelings and reactions indicate if you love her truly.”

Hearing that, Vincent fell into deep thoughts. He was thinking about her words and then raised his eyebrows, "It makes sense."

Meredith shrugged her shoulders and said as if implying something, "Of course, I am a love expert."

"You make a very thorough analysis!" Vincent told the truth. He was absorbing what she had said.

He didn't love Leila unconditionally or trust her completely. Without doubt, Mabel was right. He didn't know how to love.

Meredith saw Vincent's serious look and said, "I hope to meet my soulmate. I don't care if he is disabled. I wish we could live a free life. We don't have to have a child. Even if that man is unable to have kids, it doesn't matter. I love him, so I will keep his company and cherish him."

Vincent suddenly raised his head, and something came to his mind. He threw a sharp gaze at Meredith and their eyes met. Meredith couldn't help but feel shocked. Vincent threw a sharp gaze like an ice arrow on her.

Meredith's body stiffened when she was gazed at like that. She looked a bit guilty and avoid Vincent's gaze.

Vincent's dark eyes became gloomy. Perhaps a man who had infertility was sensitive. Anyway, he found that Meredith was guilty.

Meredith squeezed a smile and said, "Vincent, why do you ask such a question?"

"You don't want any kids?" Vincent threw a sharp and cold gaze at her. A few moments later, he snorted and shouted, "Meredith!"


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