A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 579 Suffering for Love

She just didn’t want to dwell on the past. All she wanted was to be happy, and forgot about all the past!

Suddenly Esther blinked, trying to attract his attraction, so she kissed his lips, and said shyly, "Elijah, I want to do it now!"

Elijah was shocked as if he was being struck by lightning. “Baby! You..."

She was so shy that she buried her face in his chest.

Elijah’s heart had not been excited like this for a long time and now it was because of her words. A kind of crisp itching feeling waved into his heart as if struck by lightning.

This little devil! She was bad! But he liked it, thinking that it was love. He did not dislike Hudson as much.

At this moment, his heart was like a spark in a flash of fire, and he couldn’t control himself anymore.

Elijah suddenly picked up Esther and ran straight to his car.


When everything was done, as he helped her wipe his semen with paper, she leaned shyly against his bosom, sweating and feeble.

Elijah cleaned their secretion as Esther sat on his leg, and he pulled over his wrinkled suit to cover her back.

Their breathing became steady slowly, and the breath of the two blended.

Esther rested herself on his arms, motionless.

Elijah kissed her cheek from time to time, and said in her ear, "Look at me!"

Esther looked up at him. “Well.”

"Is it fun?" he asked.

She glared at her eyes and swallowed. “What?"

"Not fun?" he asked, rubbing her with his nose.

The phone rang suddenly, and Elijah took a look at her and said, “Do you still want to camp?"

"I’m tired! Can I go home and sleep?" she said softly.

He laughed and turned off the phone without answering Danny!

She was shocked and shook him. “Why don't you answer the phone?"

"I don't want to be disturbed!" he said.

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ground was her suitcase, and a divorce agreement was placed on the tea table. She was

his attention was attracted by the packed suitcase. A

Winnie walked over, helped him take over the suit, and said to him with a calm smile, "I have

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on the divorce! She was innocent and it was him who


and then gave the

determined he was, Winnie knew that he didn’t love her. She managed a smile, took the agreement, and said in a soft voice, "Hudson, take

her peaceful face and smiled softly. He said, "I will not

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trying to save her face. After all, their marriage was too short. It was really hard to say they had a divorce in such a short time, especially for her who was still

Was she not pretty?

was pretty. Compared with Esther, she did not feel

could do as Hudson was deep in love with

him go instead of keeping him with her since they were not in love with each

face again. She was indeed clever and sensible. She was

document in the bag. “I'll have the lawyer go through it. The lawyer

was calm and

pull up the trunk, without looking at

back and walked slowly towards the door. Winnie's back was straight. She could feel the eyes behind her fall on her back. This was the first time that his eyes

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at the door.

said, "No, go to

worried if she went home like this. She'd better

home first!" Suddenly, a low voice came from Hudson. Winnie turned around and saw Hudson standing by

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back to the Perry

my business. I won't

have to send you home!" he said in a deep voice.

ached when she heard his words, and she was lost for words. She

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and stared at Hudson's cold eyes. Esther only felt heartache. She closed her eyes and tears fell from the corner of her eyes. Knowing that she was unable

was shining on her fair face. Only then did Hudson found that she seemed to be thinner. He thought that she loved him

than anyone

walked into the room. After all, he didn't say anything

At the Perry family.


saw her suitcase. “That's right! My good granddaughter suffered a lot! Stay with us. You won’t suffer

old man hugged Winnie to

own decisions about my marriage? " Winnie said in

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