A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 576 There Was Something Else in

The next day after Hudson left, Elijah asked Danny to collect Hudson's blood samples from his guest room. He shed so much blood that day. Although he cleaned it up, there was always bloodstain that could not be washed away!

In the apartment also there was a cotton ball that Esther didn't throw when her back was injured, which was stained with Esther's blood.

Danny did as he was told.

Three days later.

The result came out.

"Young master! This is the DNA comparison report of Miss Price and Mr. Ball!" Danny passed to Elijah. “They are not brothers and sisters. They have no blood relationship at all.”

Was Hudson wrong? The result was unexpected to Elijah. “Are you sure it's Hudson's blood sample?"

"Sure, young master, I went to the laboratory of the hospital to find the blood sample taken by Hudson when he was discharged from the hospital. It was his blood sample that was sent to him. It's sure!"

"What about Esther and Christ? Is there a blood sample of him?" Elijah was surprised by this report.

"No! We can't get Christ's blood sample for the time being. I will find a way!" Danny said, “There should be results in a few days!"

"Investigate Christ!" ordered Elijah. It's going to be done in secret!"


Time went by like this. In a twinkling of an eye, it was another week.

Elijah was also discharged.

On a Monday morning, at the president's office of Perry Group.

"Young master! This is the investigation report!" Danny handed over a stack of documents to Elijah. “These are the report about Christ and Miss Price's DNA comparison, as well as Christ and Hudson's! "

Elijah took these over and glanced through, frowning. “Don't say a word to Esther! Go ahead.”

"Yes.” Danny went out.

Elijah continued to read the document. The sunlight slanted in from the window behind him. Under the silver light, he was coated with a dazzling aperture, which was dazzling.

Elijah rubbed the temple wearily, browsing the investigation report about Esther's life experience. The lovely face with innocence and mischief flashed through his mind.

He didn’t expect the result. What a surprise! But he was also sure that he was the only family of Esther in the world! She would never be alone with him!

He then put the document in the safe.

was hesitating about whether he should

willingly? If he knew that Esther was unrelated to Hudson by blood, would he

why Hudson gave up Esther and why he

of Christ and Eula were tough to hear. It turned out that one could never go

lit a cigarette and began to

He really loved Esther so much that he

the urge to see Esther again, although he just

didn't want to hang out with her, and boys seemed to despise her.

met Lena in the teaching building

you going, Lena?"

a look at the time and said, "Why don't we have lunch

"Good!" Esther nodded happily.

over suddenly.

Esther frowned. Elijah sent a driver to wait in front of the teaching building every day, which


first, Lena, let's go to eat!" Esther said with a smile, as if she had been imprisoned for many years, and was suddenly pardoned. She wanted

is that okay?" Lena asked in disbelief. “Don’t make it

didn’t dare to let her go in

go, let's leave him alone.” Esther took Lena’s

"I know, you can get off work today! If she wants to be

driver was at ease at

Lena's hand, Esther said, “Lena,

man standing not far away, about 20 meters away. “Are you sure we're going

yet. Lena looked at Esther with a smile, and then turned her eyes to the person in the distance. He was a slender man with perfect proportion, in perfectly tailored suit, black shoes. He looked noble. His short black curly hair highlighted his features, and

emotion. The girls in the campus were too scared to speak for a

who was staring at her with burning

Esther suddenly frowned. "How did

he going

be available. Take a rain check!" Lena


good for you! I'm going home to

after the child?" Esther was stunned

after realizing that she said something wrong. But it was hard to hide the desolation

bubble tea at the school, fried buns. I’ll eat all. Why don’t you hang out with me before going

have lunch with Elijah.

lunch before taking classes. Is that OK?" Lena suggested as she had felt the

Just as she said,

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